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United Family Mission is a missionary 501( c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity and hunger in our community. Our primary goal is to ensure that every individual and family has access to nutritious food, regardless of their socioeconomic status. To achieve this goal, we engage in a variety of activities aimed at food redistribution and providing support services to those in need.

In addition to food distribution, we operate a Social Service Bridge Program that helps individuals navigate social service resources and behavioral health and rehabilitation support that can help further in meeting their diverse areas of need. These programs not only provide nourishment but also offer a sense of community and support to those who may be struggling.

Furthermore, we prioritize education and empowerment by offering workshops and classes on nutrition, wellness, and budgeting. These initiatives aim to empower individuals and families to make healthy food choices and stretch their food budgets further.

Overall, our organization is committed to fighting hunger and food insecurity through a multifaceted approach that includes food redistribution, meal programs, and education. By working collaboratively with our community partners and volunteers, we strive to create a future where no one has to go to bed hungry.

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